Different times calls for different measures

15 May

A photography business is no longer a business just about taking pictures, it is about marketing and using the internet to best leverage your business. Decades ago the options for advertising was few and the costs were high.  Even small Yellow Pages ads could cost hundreds of dollars a month. Yet with all of their costs, were they ever that effective? I don’t think so. And following the trends of current businesses, many others don’t think so as well.

The internet is a great leveling device. It allows the small guy (like me) to, with a little know how and maybe a little bit of money, compete with the bigger companies. But throwing up a website is not enough. Neither is starting a Facebook page. To drive the traffic, and to keep our businesses in front of people, we must learn the “rules” of the game and to say on top of current trends and technology.

This week I listened to one of the photography podcasts I subscribed to and was blown away with what the guest had to say. The focus of the show was Search Engine Optimization in relation to the photographer, but if you are not in the photography business, don’t let that stop you from listening because there are many, many nuggets of information you will gain. And, after you have listened to the podcast, let us know your thoughts.

Podcast on Search Engine Optimization

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