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18 May

Often people wonder why so often their pictures do not turn out well. Most often the problem is not the camera equipment but the failure to follow simple techniques. The purpose of this article is to impart you with some ideas to make you a better photographer.


Being a parent of a lot of children that provides me some sort of statistical confidence in my views. There appears to be one artistic constant with every single young child, not just my own, in that they love to draw people with VERY long legs and a small body and tiny head. Now, why would they do that? Obviously the last time you looked in the mirror, your legs didn’t take up ¾ of your body length. At least I hope not. Their artistic distortion has to do with their perspective. Try this experiment; get down low like a 2-year-old is low, and look straight up at an adult standing next to you. If appears that the adult has very long legs and hardly any body.

Now, if shooting up causes this strange distortion, it follows shooting down at children creates distortion. But instead of long legs the child gets a huge head and small legs. Sometimes purposeful  use of this kind of distortion creates a pleasing image, but most often it looks bad. For proof look at the number of self-portraits on Facebook where the photographer holds a camera at arm’s length and shoots straight down. Why people want their head to be the proportion of Charlie Brown’s and their facial feature distorted is beyond me.


The answer is simple. If you are shooting short people, simply bend your knees and get at their level. Most of the time people forget their legs are jointed. Once you rediscover your knees, your photography of children, animals and even flowers will improve.

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