The Decanter Shoot in Decatur

21 May

The-Decanter-Decatur-3679_80_81.jpg, originally uploaded by ecfman.

Thursday night I photographed the interior of The Decanter, a store on Main Street in Decatur, Illinois. The owners were gracious enough to allow me to practice on them. This picture is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph wherein I took three different exposures and merged them into one. This not only give the photography a wider range of “seeing”, but it can also produce some interesting visual effects.

I am mostly pleased with the photographs taken, but since I was mainly experimenting and was not intensely focused on a particular task I made some mistakes which I did not notice  until I got back home to process the pictures. The issue with this photo is that for this type of shot my focus is on the wrong point and my aperture is too open.  Notice that the bottles to the left are in focus but once we get to the island the subjects start to go soft. Once we reach the bottles on right wall the bottles are too soft. Instead I should have focused on the island instead (which is what I thought I had done) and closed  the aperture a few stops to make this a more professional looking picture.

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