The Brass Horn

22 May
Photo of The Brass Horn staff

The-Brass-Horn-DSC_3881-Edit.jpg, originally uploaded by ecfman.

Interior Shot of The Brass Horn

Interior Shot of The Brass Horn

Portrait of one of the owners of The Brass Horn

Portrait of one of the owners of The Brass Horn

This morning I shot some photos at The Brass Horn, a men’s clothing store in Decatur Illinois. They were gracious enough to let me experiment in their store. The lighting was a bit interesting for it contained natural light, florescent and incandescent. Luckily I did not have coloration issues as I expected I would. I think since most of the overall lighting tended to be more white. Now, The Decanter, had very heavy incandescent lighting and the color was definitely shifted toward the orange.

I was hoping to bounce some light off the ceiling but given that it was dark (and would absorb much of the light) and green (turning the light into and awful color) I gave it a pass.

The portraits turned out good even though I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t do better job “in camera”. The dark suits against a dark background was a bit of a challenge. To do it “right” I should have gotten my Alien Bee AB800 out to pump out more light instead of shooting with only my speed light (sb600). The advantage of just using the speed light is the mobility it allows and  minimizing my presence in case customers showed up. If this were a more specific assignment, rather than me shooting everything under the sun for practice, pulling out the AB would make more sense. The AB800 would require a stand and power cords strung along the floor thus making a tip and trip hazard. Not a good way to win customers.


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2 responses to “The Brass Horn

  1. Erick Rodriguez

    May 22, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Good post Jeff. I really like the pics. I think they look great. Do you have anymore pics from this session?

  2. Jeffrey Jones

    May 23, 2010 at 7:25 am

    Yes I do and there are several ways to check them out. You can click the top picture and that will take you to that picture in the Flickr photostream. From there you can use the selectors on the right side of the page to select the picture. Or you can, on main page of the website click any of the Flickr photos on the right. OR you can simple go through this link


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