Review – Photography DVD

24 May

Picture of the productRecently I picked up the Digital Photography: Available Light and Flash DVD, a product of ALAS Media. I heard about this through one of  podcasts I regularly listen  called  The Candid Frame.

Ibarionex Perello  quickly, but methodically, goes through the various aspects of digital photography (ISO, aperture, shutter speed) . He does not get into the deep details of photography but provides the listener with a framework with which to build his photography skills.

Ibarionex sets up multiple scenarios and works through them logically. The scenarios are the types of situations that anybody can reproduce since they do not require special models or require travel to special locations.

As the title suggests, he seeks, if possible, to utilize the light that is available.  Sometimes that means simply shooting in the shade and other times using reflective panels to bounce light. The  techniques are never complex but rather solid examples of using tried but true measures.

As any photographer comes to realize that available light isn’t always enough. At that point, artificial light sources are needed. Since his style is more street than studio, Ibarionex strictly uses a speedlight rather than a studio strobe. While the techniques do apply to whatever environment you plan to shoot, a street or location shooter will get more out of the DVD than one who shoots mainly in studio.

For around $25 this is a great purchase. Ibarionex Perello took the same commitment to quality with the instructional DVD as he does with his podcast. There are enough nuggets that one can watch this several times and still find wisdom. Also, given the low price one doesn’t feel remiss about loaning it out to photography friends.

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