Why Aren’t YOU Blogging?

27 May


Currently, there are approximately 113 MILLION different blogs on the Internet with 175 THOUSAND new ones created every day. Given that some many people are blogging may make one wonder why she should even bother starting her own. After all, does the world need yet another blog? Can anyone produce something that hasn’t been done before? 

Well, maybe the world needs another blog like it needs another book, or movie or music cd. While it is difficult to state that such an endeavor will shake the foundation of the earth there are good reasons to blog. Below I give some reasons why I think blogging is important. I will divide this into personal and professional reasons since there are different ends for performing this exercise. 

Personal Reasons: 

Keeping in contact. The popularity of Facebook demonstrates how important we feel it is to keep in touch with friends and family. We don’t have the time (or care) to make a phone call, but we do like to know life is going for the people we know. This is nothing new. While writing letters is perhaps a dying “art” there are still some people that send lengthy letters at Christmas time detailing the family events of the year. Reading those letters gives us a nice feeling of connectivity. But instead do doing one large letter at year’s end, why not just do smaller ones on a more frequent basis? This removes the burden of trying to recalling all the year’s events. You just simply do updates on a regular basis (say every two weeks) OR as big events transpire. Blogging makes this very easy. 

Improve writing skills. Most of us are not great writers and we may never achieve that status but we can improve. The problem is that we often don’t improve and we actually get worse. Once out of school almost all of us stop writing papers and essays. Yes we do write emails and do a lot of texting but that does not demand the same amount of skill that more formal and creative writing does. 

Reflection.  Someone once said that an unreflected life is not worth living. Whether or not you completely agree with that statement, there is something to be said about taking the time away from our hectic schedule to reflect and to ponder. So much of out time is taken up absorbing information (listening to music, reading books, watching movies) that we seldom take the time to make sense of it all. And if we try to communicate to others in a meaningful way, that necessitates that we take the time to properly understand. It is of no surprise that those who learn the most are those who teach. Start communicating and see what you learn. You may learn for the first time those things you already knew. 


Improving Web traffic. Blogging is a very cost effective way to drive internet traffic to your site. With a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) one can generate a form of online marketing that cost very little money (like free). 

Advertising products and services. When companies have specials or want to highlight a new product they often advertise by way of a newsletter. These are sent out on a somewhat regular frequency and often in the form of an email. Blogging give as way for companies to highlight those special items without having to wait until the newsletter is sent.  This is especially true if customers subscribe to the blog. 

Connect with the customers. Just blogging is not enough, you need to give your readers/customers some value. Seeing fresh posts make customers realize that there is life within a company. That means that your company is not some lifeless entity which robotically fills orders but rather is populated with real people who actually giving information they want/need and the author(s) is somebody that is somewhat tangible.  A chance to connect on a more personal way with current and future customers is priceless.

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One response to “Why Aren’t YOU Blogging?

  1. Slamdunk

    May 27, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Good points. I like your argument for reflection–it is important yet rarely included in suggestion posts.


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