EarthMover Credit Union

13 Jan

DSC_2917_8_9_tonemapped ps.jpg, originally uploaded by ecfman.

Now , why did this property become the subject of my camera? Well, I felt fairly comfortable doing HDR photography and decided to see if there was financial gain in shooting commercial photography using this technique. Both the Earthmover Credit Union and Cozhiar Harley Davidson seemed like good subjects.

The plan was simple, go shoot a business* on a day when the sky was filled with dramatic clouds. The first attempt was not successful but learning from my mistakes, I went back for a successful second crack at it. After processing the image, sending it off to the photo lab and getting it back, I then personally delivered the print to the person in charge of marketing. I figured by giving out a couple 8x10s I stood a change of gaining future work. Nothing ventured nothing gained..right?

Well, after finally tracking down the right person and delivering the photos, the story ends with a rather anti-climatic conclusion. While the woman was happy** to accept the photo, she stated that there was no money in the budget for any type of this kind of work. I am not sure if my catching her by surprise (it was a cold call) hurt the reaction, but either was I got no work from this. But I do like the photo.


* Just to clear up any confusion..I was using a camera and not a gun. I am a peaceful person and do not even own a firearm. I am not suggesting that anybody take arms against a business. Do not take such expression as “shot a business” as to be adding to the already charge political climate. Any attempts to defame me through implications to any acts of violence not committed by myself will be met full force with a video of me decrying “blood libel”. You have been warned.

** Actually I am not certain she was happy. I think I am merely projecting my wishes upon my memory of the past. While I like to think that these pictures were hung in a vp’s office, they could just as easily been filed away…or even thrown away.

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